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Samuel 16: 7 “Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.”

Consulting and training to guide Christian schools to recognize and develop the God-given potential in EVERY student!


Consulting and Training

Tailored to your school's unique needs

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Consulting & Strategic Planning

Expert Guidance

Many Christian schools have realized that they need to be more flexible in meeting the needs of all of the students God brings to them. However, they sometimes feel inadequate to provide for students with unique special learning, sensory, or physical needs. This can lead them to look outside their school organization for quick solutions from companies that are often very expensive. Most of these programs do little to facilitate the mind shift among the faculty that really sustains effective change.

This is why we have created 16seven Consulting, LLC. Our desire is to come alongside Christian schools to help them develop their own program or system for serving ALL of their students. In this way, the school has ownership of the procedures and can tailor them to the uniqueness of the school.

If you and your faculty need help putting on your “God glasses” in order to see potential in each student, we can help!

Professional Development

Faculty & Staff

16seven Consulting can provide professional development for your faculty and staff on a variety of topics that can facilitate a paradigm shift and present the Biblical mandate for teaching and discipling ALL students at your Christian school. We endeavor to tailor the professional development activities to the specific needs of each school.


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